Golf Ball used by Maria ASTROLOGES to score a hole in one at the

185yard 8th Hole during the 2nd Round of the LPGA Birmingham Classic

at the Green Valley Country Club on 3rd May 1975

Copy of Scorecard signed by Maria ASTROLOGES


Juli Inkster Bobblehead issued for the Chick-Fil-Lo Charity Championship

Beverley KLASS

The youngest golfer ever to play in an LPGA Tour tournament is Beverly

 Klass, who was 10 years, 6 months, 3 days old when she teed off in the

 first round of the 1967 Dallas Civitan Open.

The following items were all presented to Beverly Klass during her LPGA



Sketch drawn and signed by Nancy LOPEZ


Sophie Sandolo’s Calendars for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008

Sophie Sandolo is clearly more than a pretty face. A seasoned player on

 the Ladies European Tour, she’s confident her next step will be achieving

 her current goal of playing on the LPGA.

Regardless of what she has done on the course to this point, though, it is

 appearing in four calendars that has put the Italian model in the public


The Monaco, Monte Carlo, resident has had many “crazy ideas” to

 promote herself and golf in general, of which the most out of character

 led the self-labeled “shy” Sandolo to shoot a provocative calendar in

2005. It was so successful that she produced a calendar in both 2006, 2007

 ansd2008 as well, with each edition showcasing her in revealing

 photography of an artistic and sexy nature.

“I’m strongly convinced that women’s golf needs more visibility and

 glamour and to present itself in a new, younger and intriguing way,”

 Sandolo said. “In the last few years women’s golf made some giant steps

 but the road is still long. I wish that my calendars could bring more

 notoriety and a bigger diffusion to the sport I play and I love so much.”

Ironically, the calendar’s publicity may have done a disservice to her golf

 in the sense many do not realize she is an accomplished player. Sandolo

 has amassed 15, top-10 finishes in her Ladies European Tour career and

 finished as high as 15th on the money list. Currently a Tour board member,

 her commitment and dedication to helping grow the tour is the main

 reason she has never seriously attempted to move to the United States

 and compete on the LPGA.


Visitor Pass issued to Annika Sorenstam for a visit to City of Aberdeen 1996

Limited Edition Callaway collectable to commemorate Annika Sorenstam’s

 participation in the 2003 Colonial Tournament

Pin Badges issues at the 2003 Colonial Tournament on the PGA Tour

where Annika Sorenstam played


Trivial Pursuit question card signed by Kathy WHITWORTH

Michelle WIE

Michelle Wie’s Locker name plate from the 2007 Ladies British Open

 at St Andrews


Wilson Golf Glove worn by Mickey Wright